The Art of Low-Cost Advertising

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Advertising your products and services online is easier said done. With a plethora of social media and other advertising platforms such as Google Ads. you would think that it would be easy. The problem is that nothing is easy. For a small business with a limited budget where the business is run by one or two members of staff who take on every role, it’s difficult to be great at everything.

Art of Low-Cost Advertising Ideas

Startup businesses, in particular, find this difficult as there are so many ways that a limited budget can be spent, and potentially wasted, if you don’t keep your wits about you.

Also, many of the advertising opportunities that you find may require a lot of your time to even understand what they are offering. If you aren’t a marketing expert you can easily end up looking
out from the bottom of a big hole.

A typical scenario is that you decide to start with a website, and you maybe know someone who can knock this together for you for at mates rates. It’s a great start. You have a website, but you need some slight amendments to add new images or change service descriptions etc.

You go round this loop a few times and suddenly you find the changes aren’t being implemented as quickly as you’d like. You’ve become a burden. So now you’re stuck in limbo with a website that isn’t up to date. Putting that to one side for a moment, you decide to press on marketing your business by advertising on Facebook or through

Google Ads if you can afford it. Or you choose a free option such as writing blog posts or articles.

Monitoring your paid advertising or writing and posting ultra interesting content takes time, which is that could be spent focusing on other aspects of your business.

What you need is an easy to use website builder so that you can create and maintain your own web content. You need to be able to maintain your site from your mobile phone and choose from a variety of components such as image and video galleries with the ability to promote events and

Having a social media presence is great if you have an audience that stretches beyond your friends and family. Having the capability to advertise to a specific demographic such as students using geo-targeting could be a dream come true.

Having the capability to advertise directly to students and target your audience in a few clicks will enable you to find more shoppers, sell more stuff, advertise smarter and become a bigger brand.

With  advertising, you have the capability to create and maintain your own
website and advertise directly to students through a mobile app for less than a tenner per month.