What Does a Tech Show in the North Need to Achieve?

With tech investment growing faster in the North than anywhere else in Europe, the region is indisputably now a big player on the global tech scene.

A vibrant network of start-ups, scale-ups and established players, fuelled by an enviable talent pool drawn from a number of world-class universities, has made the North a hugely attractive place to be for companies involved in everything from software development, IoT, cybersecurity, the cloud and data analytics to media production, animation, gaming and VR/AR/360°.

All of which makes now a very good time to launch an event that brings this thriving sector together. That show will be Tech Show North, sponsored by UKFast, and delivered by Prolific North and Don’t Panic.

But what does a Tech Show in the North need to encompass? 

We spoke to some of the region’s leaders to find the answer:

  • Martin Bryant, Tech Consultant & Writer
  • Deborah McGargle, Steering Committee Member for Newcastle Tech Trust
  • Paul Billington, Commercial Director, The Landing for MediaCityUK
  • Richard Gregory, Non-Executive Director for Ruler Analytics, Ash.tv & Fluid Digital
  • Naomi Timperley, Co-Founder for Tech North Advocates

Welcome to Tech Show North!

It has been said that we live in a Fourth Industrial Revolution. New technologies arrive at unprecedented speed blurring the boundaries between the physical, digital, and biological worlds and disrupting almost every industry across the globe.

Blame the north of England. It was here that the source code for the First Industrial Revolution was written by people for whom innovation was a force of habit. The foundries and mills may have been replaced by office pods and tech hubs, the mutton chops by hipster beards, yet that bold spirit of enterprise, of challenging the status quo, endures. And nowhere more so than in Manchester, the world’s first industrial city and, today, a major magnet for capital investment in technology.

With an enviable talent pool and a vibrant network of start-ups, scale-ups, and established players, Manchester is indisputably the region’s dynamo. Underpinned by world-class universities with a reputation for collaborating with business and industry, the city is the place to be for companies seeking to drive or ride the next wave of innovation be it in software development, IoT, cybersecurity, the cloud, or data analytics on the one hand, or media production, animation, gaming, or VR/AR/360° on the other.

We are not alone in believing that Manchester is the perfect location for a premier expo that addresses the impact of technology within the enterprise. But we are alone in organising one! Tech Show North.