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We’re Culture Shift and we use technology to create positive change for people all over the world! Our first product, Report + Support, is a revolutionary online reporting system that empowers people to report harassment and abuse either anonymously or to seek support from an advisor, through a safe, secure platform.

Our software not only enables victims to report problems. It also provides the licensing organisation with vital information to fix problems that might be hidden, and ultimately to achieve a shift in culture.

The need to give victims of abuse a voice is clear. Since the wide adoption of the #MeToo movement in October 2017, media coverage of bullying, harassment, sexual discrimination, racism, sexual harassment, sexual violence and hate crime is a daily occurrence.

In the Higher Education sector, an NUS survey was conducted in 2010 and found that 68% of the female respondents had been subject to verbal or physical sexual harassment on campus, 14% had experienced a serious physical or sexual assault. In total, there are over one million female students enrolled in higher education.*

We have created an easy-to-use system that offers direct help and instant guidance. The system needed to include an anonymous reporting function, as our research told us that not all victims would be comfortable making a named report straight away, and we knew that organisations could still use the data to identify worrying or dangerous trends.

Sexual harassment isn’t just happening in Universities, it’s happening in places of work and recreation, it’s even endemic within our democratic institutions.

Our tech-for-good product is truly making a difference to victims of sexual violence, harassment and abuse around the world by giving them a way to make their voices heard. We’re bringing an end to the culture of silence with our innovative technology.