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Microsap Limited is a software technology company based in Bracknell, UK offering services to Software Product / Technology companies and End-user organisations. Working closely with its customers, Microsap delivers technology solutions tailored to meet their business challenges.  Microsap operates multiple development centres in India with its group company Winjit Technologies.

We innovate, and we transform businesses through digitization to build organizations of future!

The ever-evolving and ever-changing technology landscape throws several possibilities and several challenges to the user community. Microsap, with its years of experience, its knowledge base, training and its expertise, assimilates and analyses such technologies and uses the most appropriate options for addressing its customer’s requirements and for improving their operational efficiency, decision making and customer interaction.

We understand the importance of flexibility that our customers want. With decades of experience in outsourcing, the senior management at Microsap is committed to offering to its customers, the most viable and economical outsourcing solutions through its unique ‘Smartshore’ consulting approach.