nsKnox Logo

For over 80 years, Fort Knox has been known as one of the most secure locations on the planet. As an impenetrable fortress and symbol of enduring strength, it has the gold standard in security. It’s also the inspiration for our company name, nsKnox. Just as the actual fort protects the nation’s gold, nsKnox creates a protective shield to safeguard the money of corporations.

It’s nsKnox’s mission to provide the highest level of protection in the Fintech-Security industry with its original vision and wholly new technology to safeguard corporations from hackers and fraud.

nsKnox Technologies was founded by Alon Cohen, the Founder, former Chairman & CEO of CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR), and headed by Nir Tenzer, a former Microsoft Executive. nsKnox’s team of seasoned innovators create new concepts and ground-breaking technology to confront all manner of financial fraud and effectively safeguard corporate financial payment systems against all forms of attacks.