Paus is all about supporting the future generation of emerging megastars and content creators.

Every minute over 400 hours of brand new content is being uploaded onto mainstream services like YouTube. How can we ever discover those amazing hidden gems from emerging creators worthy of our precious time? Algorithms that favour cheap clickbait are doing a poor job of curating content that suits our needs, leaving great content unseen by the masses.

And if you’re a content creator, you’ll know how tough it is to get your name out there. With only the top 3% of channels on YouTube gaining any meaningful revenue , the chances of you being discovered and fairly rewarded is extremely slim. But what about the 1 in 3 young people who want to be YouTube stars? On paus, you only need to find your niche and let them show their appreciation for your work, we do the rest.

You keep almost everything you earn, we only retain 10% to keep our lights on.