Smart DCC

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Smart DCC has built and maintained the secure national infrastructure that underpins the roll-out of smart meters across Great Britain. This wireless network connects smart meters to energy suppliers, network operators and other authorised service users. It is maintained to very high-security standards, as endorsed by the National Cyber Security Centre.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Capita, Smart DCC Ltd was granted the licence to build and manage its network in 2013 by the Department for Energy and Climate Change, now part of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The network is mandated to:

  • Operate reliably for all consumers regardless of their energy supplier
  • Provide smart metering data to network operators to support the digitisation of the energy industry and the development of a smart grid
  • Allow authorised third parties to provide consumers with information they have requested, such as how they can reduce their energy usage.