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Since 2005, over 165,000 users have sent more than one billion text messages using our online platform. From a simple text message to a personalised ticket or voucher – we’ve developed an abundance of features suited for every industry, however big or small.

What makes us different from other SMS platform providers? 

Despite being recognised as the UK’s market-leaders in text messaging, it’s actually our attention to detail that sets us apart from our competitors.

Ever since Alastair Shortland formed the business, our main priority has been to deliver true value and excellence in what we do. Whether you need our in-house developers to help you integrate our SMS API code with yours, or need our dedicated support team to give you guidance on sending your first message – we’re always here for you.

When you use Textlocal, you’re not only buying into our first-class online platform, but you’re also tapping in to our expertise and pedigree as well.

Spreading the word

With over 98% of text messages being read, we believe SMS presents a massive opportunity for businesses and organisations. It offers the chance to build relationships through instant communication. Whether it’s a restaurant or retailer boosting loyalty with special offers, a dentist delivering appointment reminders, or a courier providing tracking information – the range of uses are vast.

The humble text message also offers dynamic features such as the ability to insert website links, attach files, forms or vouchers. All with easy to use campaign tracking tools to measure effectiveness. That’s where we come in.

Let us help you

With over eleven years of experience, we can help improve your communications and marketing strategies through text messaging.

Our excellence has also been recognised around the technology industry. We’ve been listed as a Media Momentum Top 20 fastest growing digital agency for consecutive years, awarded a DMA Honours for innovation, as well as being awarded a place in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and Sunday Times Tech Track 100.

This is just the beginning. Going forward, we’ll continue to revolutionise the way businesses and organisations of all sizes and industries communicate with their lists. Will you be our next success story?