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Scanomat was founded in Denmark more than 50 years ago in the early sixties. The company started to operate out of a small garage and soon after, moved to an industrial area in Glostrup, Denmark where the company had its headquarters for many years.

In 1985 Scanomat launched the world’s first fully automatic Cappuccino machine! Since then, Scanomat has been continually developing and designing new, reliable, and economical products to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of service and the quality drinks dispensed.

In late 1991 early 1992 Scanomat moved to new premises in Kokkedal, Denmark specially built to comply with Scanomat’s evolving needs: production, stock, a service department, research, and development team, showrooms, and administration team.

Scanomat manufactures, develops, and markets some of the world’s best professional coffee brewers. Scanomat has a unique “know-how” along with tremendous knowledge and a wealth of experience.