Cynthia Heywood-Beldon

Cynthia Heywood-Beldon is Sales Director, UK at Kelkoo Group, an ecommerce marketing platform that connects consumers to products through qualified leads. Kelkoo uses shopping intent data to deliver highly converting traffic to merchants and monetization opportunities to publishers.

Cynthia is an experienced Sales Director, with over 15 years of knowledge accrued from specialising in the client relations, business development, marketing and technical aspects of both e-commerce and digital within Europe and beyond. Her positions to date have seen her manage a range of teams, and oversee key client relationships.

She is currently based out of Kelkoo’s London headquarters, overseeing the UK sales teams in the development and growth of existing clients and new sales opportunities.

Cynthia has worked across consulting and sales for companies such as The Economist Group, Connexity and Forrester Research during her career.