Matthew Elliot

Nivo is a Manchester-based disruptive FinTech start-up offering a secure instant messaging platform which has just secured £2m funding from a collection of big name investors.

Processes previously taking six weeks have been reduced to 15 minutes through Nivo’s platform, which is the only instant messaging network that banks can trust for sensitive and transactional conversations. It’s designed to prevent people from ever having to phone service providers such as banks, lenders, insurance firms, utilities, telecoms and healthcare providers.

Nivo has closed a £2m funding round from GP Bullhound, the Angel CoFund and a syndicate of angel investors. The big name investors include Elizabeth Gooch, founder and CEO of process optimisation technology firm EG Solutions; Paul Gouge and Alex Rigby, founders of leading mobile games company Playdemic, Rodney Baker-Bates, Chairman of the Willis Group and tech entrepreneur Scott Fletcher. 

Matthew Elliott is one of Nivo’s four co-founders and is the former head of Barclays Rise in Manchester. He now heads up Nivo’ s business development arm.